Lecmere Volunteer Lodge 1874 meets on the first Wednesday of October through to April. If you would like to visit please request a summons.

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Lodge Meetings

  • 2nd October 2019 (Installation)
  • 6th November 2019 (1st Degree Ceremony)
  • 4th December 2019 (1st Degree Ceremony)
  • 2nd January 2020 (2nd Degree Ceremony)
  • 5th February 2020 (1st Degree Ceremony)
  • 4th March 2020 (Past Masters’ Night, 3rd Degree Ceremony)
  • 1st April 2020 (1st Degree Ceremony)

Officers' Meetings

Officers' meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday between September and April and starting at 19:30 hours.

Preceptors Classes

Preceptors classes  are held on the 4th Wednesday between October and May starting at 19:30 hours.

Preceptors are : -

W. Bro. R. Harris P.Prov.J.G.W.

W. Bro. R. Foster P.Prov.J.G.W.

W. Bro. T. Dean P.Prov.S.G.D.

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