Worcester warriors v cardiff blues

Saturday 4th February saw our trusted chauffeur David Thomas collecting the hire van and doing the rounds picking up the band of brothers at various locations across the West Midlands and Worcestershire. By 09:30 hours we were on the M5 heading South to our first destination at Strensham Services for Bacon rolls, Champagne and Brandy and some very tasty Samosa’s supplied by Raj Shroff (AKA John Lewis).


Breakfast at Strensham


Official Photographer (Dean the lens Spencer)

After receiving refreshments and those with weak bladders had visited the toilet we headed off down the M50/A40/A449/M4 towards Cardiff with our passports at the ready and our trusty translator Charles Morgan Gwynn ready to persuade the guards at the border to let us into Welsh Wales


Welsh speaking translater

On arrival we were unloaded near to the Harvester while Dave and Trevor parked the van at the local Bus Park just a short walk away and headed to the Harvester to meet the group. Although it was only lunchtime some appeared to be the worse for wear (JCB).


I’ll have a coke next time Dave

After leaving the Harvester we regrouped before heading to the ground where John Lewis proceeded to make friends with the locals while Rob, Roy and Leon decided to get some practice in just in case they were called on.


Outside the Harvester


The locals aren’t too bad


In fact they are really rather nice


Crouch, bind, set!

After a good day out and a win for Worcester Warriors it was time to head back to the coach, some of the guys managed to find a traditional Welsh musical instrument known locally as a Welsh Horn and used for calling the sheep.


At the Past Masters and Officers meeting Dave Thomas was able to present a cheque for £50 for the Almoners fund which was raised from the Rugby day.


Happy have we met, happy may we part, happy meet again.

© Trevor Dean 2014