Four Island Challenge

W Bro Brian Phillips P.Prov.G.Swd.B has yet again been let loose on the Triumph Tiger to raise funds for the 2022 Festival, Brian visited the Isle of Man, Isle of Skye, Anglesey and the Isle of White over an eight day period and covering in excess of 1,800 miles.

The members of Lechmere Volunteer Lodge No 1874, and the RWPGM W Bro R C Vaughan would like to thank Brian for his fund raising efforts and a special thanks to those Brethren from the locations visited, some of which are listed below for their hospitality and generous donations towards the 2022 Festival.

Brian set off on a sunny Monday morning heading for the Isle of Man where he intended to spend a couple of days riding around the IoM TT Circuit before heading off to his next stop. Fortunately that didn’t happen as he was Royally treated by the RWPGM W Bro Keith Dalrymple, the Deputy PGM W Bro Alex Downey OBE and other members of the IoM Freemasons.  

Much of Brian's time on the Isle of Man had been co-ordinated by the RWPGM W Bro Keith Dalrymple. During his stay Brian was also presented with a cheque for £1,000 and a 1st cover collection of stamps depicting 300 years of Freemasonry, complete with the PGM’s signature (below).  Brian was also presented with a number of first day stamp collections, which will probably be auctioned to raise further funds for the 2022 Appeal.

L-R Alex Downey OBE, Maxine, Brian Phillips and Keith Dalrymple.

IMG 1450

The picture (right) shows Brian gratefully receiving a cheque for £50.00 from the W.M of the Tourist Trophy Lodge No 9782 W Bro John  Lyons. 

Tiger on the Isle of Man

Brian with some of the members of the Tourist Trophy Lodge No 9782 of the IoM. L to R Founding Secretary, W.Bro Fred Adlem PPGSuptWks, IPM W.Bro Derek Peters, VW Bro Alex Downie OBE PDPGM, IOMTT Travelling Marshall Bro Jim Hunter, W.Bro Allan Fielding, W.Bro John Lyons PPGSuptWks, IOM Start/Finish Flag Marshall W.Bro Paul Kermode PPGSwdB.

IMG 1328

Brian also visited the IoM Classic Bike Collection where he was given a guided tour and the owner of the collection made a donation to the 2022 Festival appeal. Brian did complete a couple of laps of the TT circuit but assures me that the lap record of 133.962 mph held by Michael Dunlop remains intact. Alex Downey OBE (right) at the IoM Classic Bike collection.

IMG 1339

On his return trip from the Isle of Man, Brian stopped at Cumberland and Westmorland, and visited the Lakeland Motor Museum (arranged by the DPGM Bro William Bewley) where he met the Manager of the Museum Chris Lowe and W Bro Andrew Moores PAGDC. Brian received a donation to the Festival Appeal, a Souvenir Guide Book of the Museum, a voucher for the Windermere Lake Cruises (2 adults and 3 children 24hrs unlimited travel) and a voucher for Lakeland Motor Museum (2 adults and 3 children).

L-R W Bro Andrew Moore PAGDC, Chris Lowe and Brian.

IMG 1433

On his visit to Anglesey Brian met W Bro Alwyn Ellis and W Bro Grahame Sutherland, the meeting was arranged by the RWPGM of North Wales W Bro Leuan Redvers who unfortunately was unable to be present. Brian received £50 towards the 2022 Festival from the W.M. of the Anglesey Lodge No 1113 W Bro an Fearnley. Brian is seen here  with W Bro Alwyn Ellis (right).

IMG 1351

A fleeting vist was made to the Isle of Wight where the RWPGM W Bro Michael Wilkes had arranged for members of local Lodges to give Brian a guided tour of the ice cream parlours and wonderful beaches. Brian would like to thank him and W Bro Steve Marsh Sandown Lodge No 1869, W Bro Dave Honey (nickname Dodgy Dave, don’t ask) Yarborough Lodge No 551 and Bro Tim Bulcher Vectensian Lodge No 7852 who escorted Brian on their Harley Davidson's Brian would like to thank them for their assistance and donation towards the 2022 Festival. By this time Brian was keen to get home before his wife forgot who he was.

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