Dear Roger

Thank you so very much for donating some money to this cause from your Lodge.  Please would you pass on our most grateful thanks.  Thank you also for putting the word out about us to other Lodges. 

I though I would just copy you on something I have put together which describes what we have achieved in just less than three weeks: 

Thank you so much for your interest in what this amazing group, Worcestershire “For the Love of Scrubs” has achieved since we formed less than three weeks ago.

The group was formed on Facebook at the beginning of April, in response to requests for scrubs, drawstring bags and buttoned headbands for NHS and care staff in our area, coping with the Covid19 pandemic.

The group has grown exponentially since then to nearly 2000 members across the county, the majority of who are busy sewing.   They are giving their time and their own materials to this great cause and so far, we have made 135 scrub sets, 5500 wash bags, 2500 buttoned headbands and 350 scrub hats.  

I am just one of a dozen co-ordinators covering all the towns across the county, our homes have been turned into mini distribution hubs.   We are working flat out seven days and evenings a week distributing donations of fabric, sheets and duvet covers to the sewers, in an endeavour to break down the amount of travelling we are all doing.  We have the co-operation of local businesses who have sent people into the office to print our large AO size patterns, donations of fabric and buttons, we have two schools who are letting us use their facility to cut fabric, a fabulous local Website Designer who designed and donated our amazing new website


It is an absolutely amazing and humbling thing to be involved with.  We are stunned every day by people’s kindness and the gratitude from the front line medics who we meet when handing over the bags and headbands. 

We now have approval from the NHS Trust board to make scrubs to their specification and have a process in place to satisfy their infection control, using a central hub for collection back of the finished scrubs. 

We desperately need material for scrubs.  We have crowd funded and have approximately £4000 in donations which will make approximately 300 sets.  The Trust needs at least 1000 sets, so you can see the shortfall.   Many of our seamstresses have bought their own fabric to the specification but we need to provide fabric for the remainder,  we have suppliers lined up as soon as we have funds.

In addition, we are seeking donations of buttons, elastic, drawstring, interfacing, sewing thread and of course more willing seamstresses/tailors/clothiers. 

Not only are we supplying our hardworking NHS but we are giving lots of sewers who are isolating a lifeline and a feeling that they are involved and helping.  Where possible, we are letting them know where their items have gone to and sending photos of the medics with them.  This in itself is very humbling that this amazing project is giving them a purpose and a sense of belonging. 

This is 92 year old Margaret with her 100 year old Singer sewing machine.  She said that she was delighted to be asked to join the team and sew bags.  It gives her a “sense of purpose and a reason to get up in the morning

© Trevor Dean 2014